Attention Recyclers! 
There is an alarming rise in the number of explosive and hazardous materials British Columbia residents are placing in their recycling bins. Recycle BC post-collection processors have seen an increase in fires in 2019, with several of them having endangered lives and forced the temporary closure of facilities.

Hazardous waste like propane canisters, lithium-ion batteries included in cell phones and laptops, and other items can catch fire or explode during the recycling process, turning a regular household item into a deadly weapon. In fact, last year in North America, there were 365 fires, 113 injuries. 3 deaths reported.

Hazardous items like these can cause serious harm to recycling staff and facilities. Ensure they don’t end up in your recycling bin:
Propane canisters
Flammable liquids
Helium tanks
Batteries for e-cigarettes
Cell phones and laptops (lithium-ion batteries)
Butane canisters
Bear spray
Lighters and matches
Household batteries
Household hazardous waste including propane canisters are accepted at Augusta Recyclers. Please check with the scale house attendant or call 604.485.4072.