Beach Cleanups

qathet Regional District Ocean Plastic Depot launches October 26th, 2020!

A partnership between the qathet Regional District and the Ocean Legacy Foundation with funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has allowed for the creation of BC’s first dedicated recycling depot for marine debris.  The Ocean Plastic Depot will provide a designated location for marine debris to be properly contained and select
items recycled.

“Ocean Legacy is excited to launch this opportunity with the Alberni-Clayoquot and qathet Regional Districts to reduce the pollution in our coastal communities and protect our precious marine environments. This development will provide critical infrastructure to capture plastic wastes, divert them from landfill and responsibly recycle items to not only support innovative technologies but further implement pragmatic solutions to grow the Canadian plastic circular economy.”
– Chloé Dubois, President, Ocean Legacy Foundation

Want to get involved in a cleanup or conduct one yourself? 

It’s easy! Contact Let’s Talk Trash (, 604.485.2260 ext 308) to get involved.  Contact us to find out what items and material can be collected separately for recycling.  There is now a central collection facility where items can be dropped off year-round to help assist clean up efforts.


Marine debris continues to litter our coastlines. More than 100,000 marine mammals die each year due to plastic ingestion or entanglement. If you’re keen to help clean it up we can support your efforts!   You can choose to organize a clean up event or simply go out yourself on any occasion.

We work with The Ocean Legacy Foundation to reuse and recycle as much marine material as possible.  Funding is available to cover the costs of transporting materials to the lower mainland for recycling, any landfilling and possible fuel costs associated with clean up efforts.

THANK YOU to all volunteers and event coordinators for past beach clean ups!  Here’s to another season of big cleanup efforts to keep our coastline plastic free!