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Download the new free qathet Waste Wise mobile app to your iPhone or Android device. This custom app sends waste and recycling service reminders and alerts. You can also access the Waste Wizard search tool to help find out what waste items go where.

To download the App, simply search “qathet Waste Wise” in the App store or Google play stores.

Never miss a collection day again! Get informed on waste diversion events happening in the community, reduce your environmental footprint, and be waste wise!

New Battery Recycling for Electric Powered Sporting Devices

Sporting equipment with electrical or electronic components are now recyclable in BC through Call2Recycle, a Provincially approved and monitored recycling program.

The Call2Recycle “eMobility” recycling program will provide a means for consumers to recycle their end-of-life eMobility products in a safe and compliant manner. Starting March 1st, 2022, riders will be able to:

  1. Recycle their eMobility product by requesting an eMobility Direct Pick-Up
  2. Drop-off their eMobility product at a designated collection facility, visible on this site locator

The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee applied to the sale of each eMobility product sold into the British Columbia market. Call2Recycle uses the funds to pay for the collection, transportation and recycling of the eMobility product, along with training,  materials to collection sites, and rider communication related to the program.

Accepted eMobility Products

The products accepted for recycling (collectively referred to as eMobility) are:

  • eBikes
  • eScooters
  • eSkateboards
  • Hoverboards

NEW Feb 1st/22 – Milk & Plant Based Beverages – 10 cent deposit

Ready-to-drink milk and plant-based beverages (like oat, soy, coconut, or almond) are now part of the Return-It’s deposit system!

Starting February 1st, these beverage containers are charged a 10 cent deposit on purchase which can be refunded when the empty container is returned to the SunCoast Bottle Depot (7127 Duncan) for recycling.

There are some exemptions, like infant formula, meal replacements, coffee cream, coffee additives, whipping cream, and drinkable yogurt.

Be sure to rinse out the containers, keep the caps on, and push straws in.

Milk and plant-based beverage containers can still be placed in curbside recycling OR brought to Recycle BC depots, but are not eligible for a deposit refund there.

For more information, visit ReturnIt.

Resource Recovery Centre Project: CBC radio & qathet Living Magazine

Let’s Talk Trash were thrilled to have the developing story of the Resource Recovery Centre (entering its 3rd of 3 phases immanently) shared on CBC radio and in qathet Living Magazine.



Take a listen to the CBC interview or a gander at the qathet Living Magazine article to find out what’s brewing at the old incinerator site.

Also, visit our Resource Recovery Centre page for videos showing its transformation so far. More information available on the qathet Regional District website.


Free Disposal for Illegal Dumping Clean Up Waiver Application

In lieu of Trash Bash (canceled in 2022), the qathet Regional District is offering residents free disposal of illegally dumped trash through an application waiver.


Illegal Dumping Disposal Fee Waiver. If you are interested in cleaning up an illegal dumpsite, you can apply for a disposal fee waiver. Pre-approval through Let’s Talk Trash is required.  Once approved, a physical copy of your waiver (issued through the qathet Regional District) must be submitted to Augusta Recyclers staff when dropping off collected illegally dumped trash. No household waste will be accepted. Fill in this application form and submit to Let’s Talk Trash at OR drop off a hard copy at #105 – 4675 Marine Avenue, Powell River, BC. 


Thanks to all who continue to make an effort to clean up other people’s trash so that we can all enjoy a safer and more beautiful region!

Invasive Plant Collection Success!



Invasive Plants Drop Off Month: 15 tonnes collected!

Invasive plant material dropped off during the month of May added up to over 15 tonnes of material.

Thank you to all residents who participated in the proper management of invasive plants in our region.

Stay tuned for our next free drop off event.

For more information go to the qathet Regional District’s Invasive Plant page OR call the qathet Regional District’s Maintenance Facility at 604-487-1380.

Our Online Articles

Extra Extra! Read all about it!

Let’s Talk Trash love staying up to date on all things related to waste reduction. Take a dive into the waste stream with us in one of our regular publications:

Ocean Plastic Depot

On October 26th, BC’s first ocean plastic depot will open in Powell River.  The depot is temporarily set up at Augusta Recyclers and will be installed at its permanent location at the new Resource Recovery Centre when the site opens in 2022.

The Ocean Plastic Depot will target materials collected from cleanup efforts as well as legacy equipment from the marine sector to divert landfill waste and reduce oceanic plastic pollution. The Ocean Plastic Depot will provide a designated location for these materials to be properly contained and select items recycled. This infrastructure and ocean plastic diversion program is made possible through a partnership between the Ocean Legacy Foundation and qathet Regional District with funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Visit our Beach Cleanup page for more information.

To get involved or to ask questions, please contact Let’s Talk Trash at 604.485.2260 or email

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