Plastic Barrels Available!

Some plastic barrels from this summer’s beach cleanups have been set aside for reuse opportunities.  If you would like one or a few, let us know!  Send us an email ( or call 485.2260.  Interesting in making a rain barrel?  Check out this informative Youtube video to glean some ‘how to’ ideas.




Due to stricter end-market guidelines, paper bags lined with plastic (e.g. some dog food bags, tortilla chip bags, coffee grind bags etc.) are no longer accepted in the Recycle BC program (curbside, multi-family or depot). Please update your promotion and education material accordingly when possible. The most recent material list can be found at Recycle BC.


Beach CleanUps

Want to get involved in a cleanup or conduct one yourself?  It’s easy! Contact Let’s Talk Trash (, 604.485.2260 ext 308), and then stop by to pick up an events manual (#105 – 4675 Marine Ave).

Marine debris continues to litter our coastlines.  If you’re keen to help clean it up, we can support your efforts!  Check out our Beach CleanUp page for more information.  You can choose to organize a clean up event or simply go out yourself on any occasion.  Either way, contact us to find out what items and material can be collected separately for recycling. We are working in collaboration with the Ocean Legacy Foundation based in Vancouver to not only clean up, but also repurpose and recycle most items collected.

There is a central collection facility in our regional district where items can be dropped off year-round to help assist clean up efforts.  Please get in touch with us to find out more!

Let’s Talk Trash lends you a hand with recycling!

Check out these fun videos that offer a helping hand in understanding what items are accepted and not accepted at our local recycling depots!

Note that there have been a few updates since these videos were published, including:

  • A NEW category of flexible plastics are now accepted at all depots.
  • Paper lined with plastic is no longer accepted.  This includes some dogfood bags, chip bags, coffee bags, etc.

Click link to view LTT Recycle BC Videos

A 10-Year Plan

The Powell River Regional District is in the final stages of updating the Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan (SWMP); which includes more opportunities to recycle; compost yard, garden and food waste; clean up our contaminated waste incinerator site off Marine Avenue; and build a Resource Recovery Centre (including waste transfer station).  The public consultation phase took place from September 1 – October 15th 2017.  A newsletter was mailed out in early September, you can still view an online version.  Online surveys and public feedback has been consolidated, an updated draft will be heading to the Regional District board for approval, which will then be sent to the Ministry of Environment for approval. 

If you were unable to attend an open house, check out the online version of the presentation here.  Each open house featured a series of display panels, a presentation, q&a and opportunity for input.

Food Waste Reduction

Food – too good to waste!  How many times have you thrown out food that could have been eaten? Maybe it was in the back of your fridge and went undetected until it turned to mush.  Or, a case of your eyes are bigger than your stomach leading to food being tossed.

It happens, so much in fact that as a nation, approximately 40% of food grown for human consumption finds its way to the trash or compost pile unnecessarily.  While significant wastage occurs at the agricultural level and at grocery stores, much of the waste happens in our homes. When we add to this the reality of food insecurity in our nation, it can motivate us to consider changing some simple habits to reduce our contribution to this global issue.

Interested in a food waste challenge?!  Take the BC Ministry of Environment’s Challenge – a 6 week challenge designed to help you measure how much food (and money) you are really throwing away!

Into apps?  Check out these mobile apps and web tools for meal planning!

And lastly, some storage tips!  To find out more visit the BC MoE’s Residential Food Waste Reduction Toolkit.

Food that isn’t edible for humans can sometimes still be eaten by domestic animals…maybe you have a farmer in your neighbourhood that might like some of your kitchen scraps?  And, if the food is beyond animal feed, be sure to compost it.  Use the Community Composting program if you need – meat, bones, dairy, cooked food, kitchen scraps and food soiled paper (napkins, facial tissue, paper plates & towels) are all accepted!

FREE Curbside PickUp Reminder Service

Never missed your curbside pick up again!  Sign up to ReCollect! City residents can sign up for the FREE ReCollect service by visiting the City of Powell River’s website.  Use your street address to find your home and register to receive collection notification reminders of your choice – email, text or a phone call for your weekly curbside garbage and recycling pickup.

You can set your curbside reminder notification to suit your needs by choosing when and how you receive it.  Don’t be caught off guard by civic holidays altering your collection schedule again!

For RURAL RESIDENTS, sign up to ReCollect and receive service notifications such as recycling depot closures and other pertinent waste related information.



If you have any questions or run into any problems, please contact the at 604.485.6291.

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