Backyard Composting

Composting at home…

…is a great way to deal with kitchen scraps and yard waste. There are many different methods to choose from.  Our Compost Education Centre has many active models on display that can be viewed at any time, including Converted Freezer composters, the Jora composter, a Green Cone Digester, a Critter-Proof Stone Composter, and a number of others.

March through to November is bear season in Powell River.  Check out 5 Easy Tips for Composting in Bear Country to help you successfully avoid attracting wildlife onto your property and consider placing ‘high attractant items’ into the Community Organics Recovery Exchange program during these months.

Composting Workshops

Free backyard composting workshops are offered on a variety of topics, which range from both indoor and outdoor methods such as:

Contact us to get in touch with local experts in these methods of composting or to get notified about upcoming events. Check our Facebook Page (Let’s Talk Trash Team) for event listings, too.

Additional Composting Resources

Please let us know if you come across any great composting resources that we should add to our page.  Email us at or give us a call at 604.485.2260 ext 308