Converted Freezer Composter

Bert Baillie is a local Powell Riverite who is passionate about composting.  After seeing many old freezers sitting around at the landfill transfer station, waiting to be shipped out for recycling, he thought they may have a potential second life.
bertSince freezers are insulated, they also work well for keeping the heat in instead of the cold if that’s your goal.  Once your composting starts heating up from the right mix of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ along with some aeration, the composting process starts to generate heat, which helps the material breakdown.  The freezer composters at the Compost Education Centre are often around 150 degrees celsius during the winter months – hot enough to cook up lunch for the compost maintenance crew!

You can learn how to turn an old freezer into a composter by following Bert’s Freezer Composter Plans.  

Looking for an old freezer to convert?  Any freezer can be picked up for free from Augusta Recyclers.  The cost to dispose of a freezer at Augusta includes the fee for freon removal – inquire to see if the freezer you want has already had its freon removed.  This can save you a trip to Garnet Rock for freon removal.  You can also use social media bulletin boards to post an ISO (in search of) post.

Interested in attending a Freezer Conversion workshop? Contact to inquire.