Compost Education Centre


P1000275Located in the community gardens of the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave.), the Compost Education Centre is a great way to see composting in action and learn various ways to turn food waste into food plants.  We are currently demonstrating the critter-proof composter, freezer composter, 3 bin system, Green Cone, Speedibin and the Jora Composter. Come and check  them out!  Many thanks go to our CEC maintenance staff for all their efforts at the CEC, where they both work hard to maintain the site and answer questions from curious.

The Compost Education Center is facilitating ongoing workshops on different methods of composting.  We have many local composting experts in our community that we will be inviting to host these events.

Follow us on Facebook for latest events notification. All Workshops are free admission.  If you want to learn more about our workshops and see photos of previous workshops check out Composting Workshops.  If you would like a list of composting resources, check out Composting Resources.