Hazardous Household Waste

Not all waste is created equal.  Certain materials and their containers are deemed hazardous, or potentially dangerous to the environment, humans, or animals. In particular, these may be poisonous, flammable or corrosive.

Special considerations apply when disposing or recycling hazardous household waste.

The following items have free recycling programs.  Some exceptions apply.

Paint, paint thinners, paint strippers…

Light bulbs (may contain mercury)


Oil, oil filters, oil containers

Gasoline, kerosene, flammable adhesives and degreasers…

Antifreeze, antifreeze containers


Medical Sharps

Fridges & Freezers (may contain freon gas)

E-bike batteries

Other potentially hazardous household waste includes:

Asbestos – Accepted at Augusta Recyclers. Alert attendant that you have asbestos in your load.

Propane tanks – Most are accepted at Augusta Recyclers. Ask attendant where to take propane tank. Do not place in Recycle BC collection bins. Do not place in scrap metal bin.

Some potentially hazardous household waste does not have a recycling program, including:

Cosmetics (nail polish, etc)

Household cleaners

Swimming pools and hot tub chemicals

Insect repellents

Pet products

Absorbing remnant liquid materials into kitty litter, sawdust or fabric prior to disposal is recommended for a number of hazardous materials that do not have recycling programs. Do not mix more than one substance.  Contact the Recycling Council of BC for details on best practices.