Battery Recycling for Electric Powered Sporting Devices

Sporting equipment with electrical or electronic components are recyclable in BC through Call2Recycle, a Provincially approved and monitored recycling program.

The Call2Recycle “eMobility” recycling program provides a means for consumers to recycle their end-of-life eMobility products in a safe and compliant manner. Starting March 1st, 2022, riders can:

  1. Recycle their eMobility product by requesting an eMobility Direct Pick-Up
  2. Drop-off their eMobility product at a designated collection facility, visible on this site locator

The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee applied to the sale of each eMobility product sold into the British Columbia market. Call2Recycle uses the funds to pay for the collection, transportation and recycling of the eMobility product, along with training,  materials to collection sites, and rider communication related to the program.

Accepted eMobility Products

The products accepted for recycling (collectively referred to as eMobility) are:

  • eBikes
  • eScooters
  • eSkateboards
  • Hoverboards