NEW Feb 1st/22 – Milk & Plant Based Beverages – 10 cent deposit

Ready-to-drink milk and plant-based beverages (like oat, soy, coconut, or almond) are now part of the Return-It’s deposit system!

Starting February 1st, these beverage containers are charged a 10 cent deposit on purchase which can be refunded when the empty container is returned to the SunCoast Bottle Depot (7127 Duncan) for recycling.

There are some exemptions, like infant formula, meal replacements, coffee cream, coffee additives, whipping cream, and drinkable yogurt.

Be sure to rinse out the containers, keep the caps on, and push straws in.

Milk and plant-based beverage containers can still be placed in curbside recycling OR brought to Recycle BC depots, but are not eligible for a deposit refund there.

For more information, visit ReturnIt.