What is Recyclable?

There are 7 recycling depots in the Powell River area that include 2 on Texada Island.  Each depot accepts the standard ‘blue bin’ items for recycling.  For a comprehensive list of accepted items, visit Recycle BC. Also available at recycling depots (all depots except Augusta Recyclers):

  • Ziplock and garbage bags
  • Pens, felts, markers, highlighters, mechanical pencils (any plastic writing tool)
  • Batteries & natural cork
  • Town Centre Depot has a collection streams for small household appliances.

Download our Waste Wise Guide!
This handy resource has a comprehensive list of local recycling options for ‘hard to recycle’ items that are not already included in the Curbside Recycling program not accepted at Rural Recycling Depots. A local Food and Farm directory is also included!