Bear Smart

Powell River borders wildlife habitat and bear country in particular.  Having a wealth of wildlife at our back door is rare and we all must work hard to reduce and minimize human-wildlife conflict by managing our waste and facilities responsibly.

We have a local Wildlife BC representative in our community who can be contacted directly at

Let’s Talk Trash would love to see Powell River become a certified “Bear Smart Community”.  We all can contribute by ensuring our properties are meeting the basic bear smart necessities.  See the poster below for details.


Do you compost?

Food scraps and yard waste, even piled up grass, is a wildlife attractant.  During the months of hibernation (November thru to March) are easier to navigate but once bears start waking up, that’s when trouble can begin.  During March to November, consider placing “high attractant” compost materials into the Community Organics Recovery Exchange (C.O.R.E) pilot program to help keep odours from your backyard down while still diverting food scraps and yard waste for composting.  Check out our Composting in Bear Country brochure for more tips on how to compost safely in bear country.