Reduce – the most important R.

The goal of the Let’s Talk Trash team is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Local Resources to Help You Reduce Waste:

More Waste-Reducing Resources:

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Going Green In Your Home

We’ve been reached by a Colorado Springs Girl Scout group who provided us with another great resource to add to our page.  This site features different ways to reduce waste at home that will also equate to saving you money.  Not only are there water and energy reduction tips but a plethora of links for clever ways to reduce and reuse such as repurposed furniture ideas, bottle cap jewelry and recycled crafts and art activities!  The site also refers to waste reduction through ‘pre-cycling’, check it out trash talkers!

Electronic Recycling Association

A not for profit organization with a mission to reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on the environment by reusing and recycling unwanted computers, laptops and other electronic equipment.  This recycling program aims to prevent unwanted electronics from ending up in landfills or being prematurely disposed of and recycled when there is somebody that can still use them.  Maximize the life span of computers by refurbishing and donating them.  Visit their webpage for more information.

Green Household Cleaning Recipes

Check out these homemade cleaning recipes! And Busy Bee: Getting Clean by Going Green. Apart from the fact that many cleaning products have harsh chemical ingredients, with each purchase of a new cleaning product you now also have another container to add to your ever growing collection.  Instead of buying more soap, spray or cleaner, reuse an old container and whip up one of these cleaning recipes to try and meet your squeaky clean needs.

British Columbia Recycling Handbook

The BC Recycles is a simple guide to what can be recycled under BC’s Stewardship Programs.  Product Stewardship, also known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), is an environmental management strategy guided by the principle that whoever designs, produces, sells or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing that product’s environmental impact.  To learn more about Product Stewardship, visit the Provincial Liaison tab under our ‘Projects and Initiatives’.  The Let’s Talk Trash team has compiled a list of local EPR program participants in Powell River.  Refer to this list for depot drop-off information.  If you have an item that is unlisted, refer to the Recycling Handbook for a web address in the appropriate category which will provide a complete list of accepted products.

Holiday Green Guide

The festive holiday cheer is approaching and once you spot your first set of lights, your zero waste holiday planning alarm bells should begin ringing.  December ranks as one of our most wasteful months and requires long-term preparations to make an impact on reducing the amount of refuse that is created.  This holiday month can be green and we encourage you to get your thinking caps on to make this year’s most festive month free of festive waste!  Check out our Holiday Green Guide to start sparking the (LED) lightbulb of ideas.

Zero Waste Workshop for Event Planners

Check out the Zero Waste Guide for Event Coordinators if you’re inspired to take up the zero waste challenge!  From backyard summer bbq’s to festivals, there’s ideas for events of all sizes found in this handy guide.