The 3 R’s of recycling are at the heart of the ‘Go Green’ global movement.refuse

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle are considered to be a base of environmental awareness and a guide for conscious choices.

In the past, “Reduce” was at the top of this hierarchical checklist that friends of the earth would refer to before deciding on a purchase, or to throw something away.

Nowadays, the 3 R’s has been expanded to include Refuse. This fourth R is now the first to consider for many.

The fourth R challenges consumers whether or not to even consider accepting something that is harmful to the planet.

Consumers are now refusing:

  • Junk mail  – place a red dot on your mailbox to indicate that no junk mail is to be delivered.
  • Excessive Packaging – make your voice heard by e-mailing the company or speak to a store manager.
  • Plastic Bags at the cashier – instead, shop with your own cloth or reusable bag.

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More R’s are being added to innovative lists all the time.

Refuse… Rethink… Repair… Recover…

Check out this link for a thorough list of R’s that lower our impact on the environment, and create a lot of fun opportunities for creative expression and interaction to boot!

It is generally accepted that these 4 R’s of behaviour and consumer choices will contribute to a more sustainable way of living.

The ideal goal of Zero Waste is the cornerstone of our Waste Reduction Education Program!