Food Waste Reduction

Food – too good to waste!  How many times have you thrown out food that could have been eaten? Maybe it was in the back of your fridge and went undetected until it turned to mush.  Or, a case of your eyes are bigger than your stomach leading to food being tossed.

It happens, so much in fact that as a nation, approximately 40% of food grown for human consumption finds its way to the trash or compost pile unnecessarily.  While significant wastage occurs at the agricultural level and at grocery stores, much of the waste happens in our homes. When we add to this the reality of food insecurity in our nation, it can motivate us to consider changing some simple habits to reduce our contribution to this global issue.

Interested in a food waste challenge?!  Take the BC Ministry of Environment’s Challenge – a 6 week challenge designed to help you measure how much food (and money) you are really throwing away!

Into apps?  Check out these mobile apps and web tools for meal planning!

And lastly, some storage tips!  To find out more visit the BC MoE’s Residential Food Waste Reduction Toolkit.

Food that isn’t edible for humans can sometimes still be eaten by domestic animals…maybe you have a farmer in your neighbourhood that might like some of your kitchen scraps?  And, if the food is beyond animal feed, be sure to compost it.  Use the Community Composting program if you need – meat, bones, dairy, cooked food, kitchen scraps and food soiled paper (napkins, facial tissue, paper plates & towels) are all accepted!