VIDEO of Zero Waste Speaker’s Forum!

On October 16, 2016, the Powell River Regional District and Let’s Talk Trash hosted a Zero Waste Fair and Speakers’ Forum event at the Evergreen Theatre.  The event served as a public update for solid waste issues in the region.  The Fair portion of the event was a platform to display the many innovative waste reduction initiatives that are happening in Powell River through local makers and shakers.  If you missed the free event – do not worry – it was filmed!  Check it out below.

Can Garbage Be Green?

Originally published in the Powell River Peak

Think about the amount of waste and garbage each house on your block creates each week, it’s a lot.  What’s that saying? Out of sight, out of mind.  We all realize the garbage bags we place at the foot of our driveway each week don’t magically disappear.  In fact, that is only the beginning.  Once our waste leaves our hands it falls upon the environment to deal with what we have created.  This happens in a myriad of ways, the most common being landfills and combustion facilities.  Although these sites are heavily monitored and specifically design to handle waste they still have negative effects on the environment.  If we look at decomposition, it is estimated that it takes plastic 500 years and cigarette butts 50 years to decompose.  Some of the garbage that we create will long out live us.

Have you ever looked closely at what you consume?  Are you left with any garbage at the end of your day?  Do you have food wastes? Is that container reusable, recyclable or biodegradable?  Can you eliminate packaging by choosing a different product or by buying in bulk?  When you start to ask these questions your garbage will begin to turn green.  » Read more

The Journey Towards Zero Waste – No Time to Waste!

The Powell River Regional District has initiated the first steps to move as a community off the wasting path and onto the zero waste path.  Zero waste is a philosophy that many regions have adapted in response to the astounding amount of waste being generated and the increasing cost associated in “transferring” this waste.  The visionary goal of zero waste encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused and reintroduces ethical and moral components into the equation.

The bottom line is, we must all take individual responsibility for the waste that we create. » Read more

Let’s Talk Trash in Immanence

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Powell River Regional District is taking another step towards creating a more sustainable community with the induction of a Waste Management Eduction Program. Coco Hess and Abby McLennan, through BHC Consulting, have been awarded the contract and are happy to declare that they will be planting the seed to inaugurate a zero waste initiative.

The proposed education campaign will focus on multiple targets, via various mediums and will be visual, distinctive, and fun for the community to get behind. Promotion of waste reduction and reuse will be the primary targets. Waste reduction (or prevention) is the preferred approach to waste management because waste that never gets created doesn’t have waste management costs!

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