Composting Workshops


Thank you to all those who came out to our Critter-Proof Composter workshop.  Thank you to Laurie Chambers for walking us through his new and improved Critter-Proof composter design and Diana Wood for hosting us in her beautiful garden.  We learned how to make rich compost without attracting our four-legged friends!

Laurie Chambers demonstrates his latest Critter-Proof Composter design

Laurie Chambers demonstrates his latest Critter-Proof Composter design


Laurie takes questions from a local composter

Thank you to all who came out to the Halloween Pumpkin Round Up!  We diverted approximately 60 pumpkins from the landfill and made some pigs happy at the same time! We hope to collect many more next year!

Stillwater Farms collects Halloween pumpkins for their pigs


We are compiling a list of people wanting to donate old chest freezers and those looking for freezers  to be converted into composters.  If you have a freezer to donate or want to make your own freezer composter and are looking for a freezer please email Tai Uhlmann at We would love to hear from you so if you have any suggestions on workshops that you would like to see happen please email Tai Uhlmann at

Thank you to all those who came out to the fall Fair and joined compost expert Bert Baillie and the Let’s Talk Trash team to learn how to do a complete freezer to composter conversion and maintain high temperature composting.  The Let’s Talk Trash Team also set up 2 zero waste stations at the Fall Fair and diverted a freezer full of compost from the landfill as well as a bag of refundables, a bag of plastic recyclables as well as paper, wood and metal.

Bert describes the freezer to composter conversion process

Bert and Brian tag team freezer compost questions

Earle was the lucky winner of our freezer composter auction

Ronnie Uhlmann volunteers to keep organics and recyclables out of the waste stream!

Thank you to all who came out to our compost pile workshop at Wildwood Gardens and Nursery and thank you John Bufton for your knowledge, hard work and enthusiasm towards composting!  We got a chance to see a compost pile being built as well as the composting process in it’s various stages.

John builds a compost pile

John waters the pile

John reveals an almost finished pile

John with his compost piles in various stages

Thank you for joining us at the Farmers Market with Compost Specialist Bert Baillie and Drewen Young from Career Links to learn how to do a complete freezer to composter conversion, nourish your compost and maintain high temperature composting. These freezer composter workshops have been so popular we may host another one at the Fall Fair Farmers Market on September 22nd.  Check back soon for more info.

Bert, Drewen and Brian demonstrate freezer composting

people gather around to learn more

Abby McLennan and Jesse Black pick the winners of a new freezer composter

Winners of a new freezer composter!

Thank you to all who came out to our Freezer Composter Conversion workshop and thank you Bert Baillie for walking us through the steps of freezer conversion and sharing your knowledge with us.  I also want to acknowledge Drewen Young from Career Links and her team who have been working closely with Bert to make freezer composters an option for people in Powell River.  Check out their blog Thank you to those who came out to our Worms Work workshop and thank you Carol Engram for sharing your vast experience on worm culture with us.  It was a very hands on workshop where we drilled holes and shredded newspaper to make 2 worm bins with bedding. One was taken home by our lucky winner and one now lives at the Compost Education Center.

Thank you to those who came to our Composting 101 Workshop.  It was very informative and helped with troubleshooting compost issues!  Thank you Joyce McMenamon for sharing your knowledge with us and showing us how to make great compost.  We also got a new Speedibin composter at our Compost Education Center so come take a look.

Joyce starts off the Speedibin with nitrogen and carbon rich layers

The workshop crew with the new Speedibin composter

Thank you to all those who came to our Open House.  We had Freezer Composter and Vermiculture demonstrations and sample finished product from each of our composting systems and worm castings.  Thank you Bert Baillie and Carol Engram for sharing your expertise with us!

Bert Baillie demonstrates the converted freezer composter

Samples of finished compost

Carol Engram shows her worms and castings

View of the Open House from the gardens

Thank you to all those who came out to the COMPOST IN PARADISE workshop and thank you Diana Wood for demonstrating your different methods of backyard composting and showing us how you make compost and incorporate it into your garden beds.  It was a perfect day to spend in such an amazing garden!

Diana shows how she makes compost from plant clippings and yard waste

Diana unloads finished compost from her critter-proof composter

Thank you to all who came out to our Bokashi workshop and  to host Heather Claxton from Mother Nature who demonstrated the indoor fermentation system.   If you missed it and would like a workshop on the Bokashi method please email

Heather digs the fermented organics into a garden bed where they will break down in approximately 2 weeks