Composting with worms is an indoor composting method.  Worms love your kitchen scraps and eat them up quickly!  At the same time, they provide you with rich fertilizer known as ‘worm castings.’  By adding just 1 part worm castings to 9 parts soil, plant growth can increase up to 20%.

You can create your own worm composting bin by vermicomposting
following this worm composting guide instructions.

Generally, red wriggler worms are used. These can often be found in a healthy backyard compost system or in horse manure.  Locally, contact Carol Engram at 604 489 3176. Worms are are cheaper if you come and sort them from the soil yourself. A vermi-bin is often started with 1/2 to 1 pound of red wrigglers.

Let’s Talk Trash also hosts worm composting workshops.  Contact us to inquire at

Are you a vermicomposting resource?  Let us know so that we can add you to our list of local resources!