Waste Reduction Week

There are many ‘Extended Producer Responsibility’ recycling programs available in Powell River.  This type of recycling refers to the harder to recycle items such as paint, small appliances, and batteries for example.  If you’re unsure if an item or substance is recyclable, the best tool we’ve found is the “Recyclopedia” or the “My Recyclopedia“.  If your item can’t be identified in the drop-down menu, you can always give the Recycling Hotline a call (1-800-664-4321) or contact us!

Let’s Talk Trash has compiled a general list of hard to recycle items and identified our local depot options in the Waste Wise Guide.  This publication is updated each year and is included in the City of Powell River’s curbside pick-up schedule publication that is mailed out to every household in the City.  You can download a copy or pick one up at City Hall.

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Fluorescent lights and fixtures and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) require special handling and disposal.  For recommendations, go to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star fact sheet.

Motor oil should never be mixed with any other fluid or chemical, including water.  For more information on recycling motor oil, visit http://www.recycleoil.org.

Unwanted bubble wrap?

Full Solution Computers wants your clean packing material for reuse!  They accept bubble wrap, foam rubber and sheet foam  (see pictures).  None of these materials are accepted at our depots for recycling but now you can keep them out of the dump by bringing them to Full Solution Computers.  Why do they want your packaging?  For their computer reclamation service, they accept all computers regardless of age or functionality. They securely erase all data, reclaim parts, and recycle what can’t be salvaged. They are not only recycling the computer parts but they will wrap them in packaging that was otherwise destined for the trash!  They are glad to divert these products from the waste stream, and help find new homes for old computer parts around the world.  Please bring your bubble wrap, foam rubber and sheet foam to  4637 Marine Ave, 604 485 8212. They are open 9-5 Monday-Saturday.


 Clothes to recycle?  SO many options!

Clothes are accepted for reuse and recycling at the Health Care Auxilary and MCC thrift stores.  This includes socks with holes, one shoe, damaged, worn out and mismatched clothing.  There are now even more options for recycling with the new bins provided by inclusion Powell River.  You will see metal bins called “Clothes Drop” at our Town Centre, Tla’amin, Lund and Gillies Bay depots as well as Augusta and in the parking lot outside the Jean Pike Centre, 7055 Alberni St.  These bins accept clothing, accessories, shoes, bedding and towels.

Small Appliance Recycling is here! 

You can now recycle small appliances at the town centre recycling depot! Click here for a list of accepted items Small Appliances recycling program.  Please note that Sunset Coast Bottle Depot is the place to bring tv’s, computers and audio equipment.  If your item still works please consider repair and donation first!

Coffee Pods are recyclable

Did you know single use coffee pods are recyclable at both our local depots & curbside recycling? After it’s cooled, remove the contents (grinds) and discard it along with the freshness seal. The remaining ‘pod’ can be recycled. Tim Horton’s has just created a pod that with a feature making the contents easier for consumers to remove.
To reduce waste even further, consider buying coffee in bulk, rather than in heavily packaged single-use forms.

Waste Reduction Week in Canada has been in existence since 2001 providing  educational resources and “take action” messaging to empower all Canadians to adopt more environmentally conscious choices.

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Waste Reduction Week in Canada further provides information and ideas to reduce waste in all facets of daily living, creating the solutions to the many environmental challenges we face including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.