Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Wood Stove Exchange Program was established with the intent to provide incentive for replacing old wood stoves (high particulate emissions) with more efficient, low emissions models or alternatives through rebates.  This program is funded by the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy with rebate funding top-ups from the qathet Regional District and overseen by the BC Lung Association.

Check out the application here for more information and visit the qathet Regional District webpage for further details.

Want to improve your stove’s burning efficiency & the air quality in your home? Check out these Clean Burning Tips  OR watch our free online Burn It Smart information session We were joined by Valley Building’s Co-owner, Ron Spreeuw, who has been selling and installing wood stoves since 1991 & WETT certified since 1998

Info Session covers:

– best wood & fire starters
– Non-EPA vs Secondary Burn vs Catalytic Combustion stoves
– clean burning techniques
– thermometers
– stove & chimney maintenance
– house pressure planes
– chimney drafts
– Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Program qualifications