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We’re an award-winning team of solid waste management consultants specializing in innovative waste solutions.

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Has your community been kicking the can on waste projects?

You have requirements. There are provincial mandates. Climate action is at the forefront.

We get it! You’re a local government, business or organization that truly does want to take positive action on waste initiatives — but you’re over capacity and no one in-house has the expertise to create efficient, long-lasting solutions for your unique situation.

The pressure is on.

"The Let’s Talk Trash team turns their depth of knowledge and experience into positive action with amazing results.

Eric Hargrave

Recycling Council of BC

We can help.

We've got your back with over a Decade of solid waste management experience.

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What we do:

Public Education & Outreach

Public education & Outreach

  • Development of resources, zero waste guides & campaigns​
  • Strategic communication plan & content development​
  • Presentation & workshop coordination & delivery
  • Zero waste events​
  • Mentorship & training
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Program Development & Execution

Program development & execution

  • Zero Waste, organics & recycling
  • Curbside, rural & urban
  • Multi-family & ICI
  • Waste bylaw updates
  • Specialization in rural & remote communities
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Solid Waste Management Consultation

Solid Waste Management Consultation

  • Public engagement & consultation
  • Policy & advocacy support
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Waste Composition Studies

Waste Composition Study

  • Audits & reporting
  • Data analysis to inform current & future waste diversion programs & policies
  • Customized data collection
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Community Cleanup Initiatives

Community Cleanup Initiatives

  • Illegal dumping strategy development
  • Invasive plant species disposal planning
  • Remote & complex shoreline cleanup initiatives
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Facility Conceptual Design

Solid waste facility conceptual design

  • Integrated diversion infrastructure to achieve waste reduction targets
  • Incorporation of waste materials into solid waste facility & site design
  • Biophilic concept integration
  • Flexible space for ongoing information sharing, workshops & program expansion
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Building Circular Economy

Building Circular Economy

  • Networking & collaborating with stakeholders & partners
  • Development of tailored local solutions
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