What we do.

Count on us for everything from education and outreach to facility design, environmental cleanup, waste audits, program development, and beyond. We’ve got you covered.

Public Education & Outreach.

We love engaging with the public – we excel at clarifying complex issues and rallying outliers. Whether we are mentoring staff, developing resources for a curbside program or responding to questions from businesses about new regulations, we engender trust by genuinely listening and directly addressing concerns.

Public engagement is key to the successful adoption of waste reduction measures and management plans. Our approachability and effective communication plans ensure we get honest input from interested parties – crucial for crafting the most effective strategies and policies.

Program Development & Execution.

Our experience working with communities, including ones that are rural & remote, has honed our ability to think outside of the box. We work with you to develop programs that are cost effective and create tangible changes in your community.

We enjoy brainstorming with you to generate ideas that we then transform into an action plan catered to your unique needs. Aiming to meet your Solid Waste Management Plan targets? Implementing policy changes? Adapting to new regulations? We can make a roadmap to get you there, and help implement your goals.

Solid Waste Management Consultation.

Our team has been through a Solid Waste Management Plan update from start to finish. We understand the legislative requirements and ministry expectations in regard to provincial targets and guiding principles. We provide a customized approach for this process to result in increased diversion targets and participation rates. We are willing to travel to become familiar with the local community and waste management services in order to tailor actionable, cost-effective solutions that are specific to your region and population.

What excites us most about this work is facilitating and coordinating the engagement and consultation process. Our team can be hired to plug into any and all stages of plan updates.

"This team really reaches the public and proves exceptional at creating community 'buy-in' for environmentally driven initiatives and projects. I highly recommend them."

Mike Wall

Persephone Consulting

Waste Composition Study.

We love to get our hands dirty! We have experience conducting, analysing and reporting small to large scale waste composition studies for businesses and local governments. Understanding your waste stream is a vital step in making recommendations on current and future waste diversion and reduction programs.

Our sampling methodology is based on the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment’s Recommended Waste Characterization Methodology for Direct Waste Analysis Studies in Canada. We provide a standardized list of sorting categories that can be tailored to your specific inquiries. Analysis of the data will help you identify and inform future policy and budget projections.

Community Cleanup Initiatives.

From illegal dumping to invasive plant species disposal to shoreline cleanup efforts – we have an array of tools to provide you with a customized approach to address your area of focus. We can create templates and frameworks for annual collection or ‘pitch in’ events to multiyear strategic plans.

We specialize in the coordination of recycling roundup events with provincial stewardship organizations in urban, rural and remote locations. Community cleanup initiatives can become a cornerstone engagement opportunity to disseminate information, encourage community participation and tackle challenging areas of concern.

"The insight and expertise the Let’s Talk Trash team brings as environmental knowledge leaders and team members has been important to our success."

Sheila Molloy

Coast Waste Management Association

Facility Conceptual Design.

Solid Waste facilities should be designed to maximize the diversion of waste materials from landfill. This can include the use of secondary materials within the construction of the facility being built. We can help you ‘walk the walk’ by identifying opportunities within the facility design process to ensure valuable materials are safely kept out of the waste stream and made available for local reuse.

Designing systems and infrastructure that offer all available diversion options before waste disposal will help you reach waste and GHG reduction targets. Facility design informs operations at the site. We can help you identify and embed the value of waste resources within facility operations.

Building Circular Economy.

Rethinking ‘waste’ is a starting point for a greater shift towards a circular economy and a greener community. We excel in identifying and networking with stakeholders and partners to assess current systems to find tangible circular solutions.

We have a robust understanding of the challenges and benefits of building a circular economy and how to reduce and redirect valuable waste resources to increase social, environmental and economic opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We work with a diverse range of clients, including regional & municipal governments, businesses or non-profits, and fellow environmental consultants. Due to our extensive work in the qathet region of BC, we specialize in the needs of rural, remote, and coastal communities.

Collaborating with us comes with a multitude of advantages:

1. We’re not just environmental enthusiasts; we bring a wealth of educational and hands-on experience across the entire waste cycle. Our practical approach ensures the creation of customized, effective strategies, not just theoretical concepts.

2. Our down-to-earth and approachable nature fosters genuine dialogue and honest feedback from residents and stakeholders – crucial for garnering support for waste initiatives. Our tailored approach resonates particularly well in remote areas, where faceless corporate engagement often misses the mark.

3. As a close-knit team of three, we deliver a personalized, efficient, and customized experience. With strong connections, flexibility, and a genuine appreciation for public engagement, we stand out in a landscape where governments can often fall behind.

These factors collectively instill confidence in outsourcing your waste initiatives to us, with the assurance that the outcomes will surpass expectations.

Yes! We serve communities and organizations across British Columbia and Western Canada. Much of our collaboration can happen remotely and we are able to travel as needed from the qathet region (Powell River) to deliver services in person. 

If you are located outside Western Canada, we may still be able to work together. Get in touch! 

Possibly! We love venturing into new territory if it falls under the scope of our expertise. Get in touch and we’ll see if working together makes sense.

First step is to drop us an email with a brief description of what you might be looking for, and we’ll schedule a call to delve deeper into the conversation. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll submit a proposal and go from there!

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