About the team.

Abby McLennan, Tai Uhlmann, and Ingalisa Burns make up this team of seasoned trash experts, custom-crafting solid waste solutions since 2011.

The face of waste.

In 2011, Abby McLennan and Coco Hess laid the foundation for Let’s Talk Trash. Tai and Ingalisa soon joined forces and they quickly became the community’s go-to experts for all things solid-waste. Their impact echoes through awards and recognition, solidifying their status as a reputable source for responsible and innovative waste management.

Since 2011, Let’s Talk Trash has been at the forefront of diverse initiatives—ranging from education and outreach to facility design, environmental cleanup, waste audits, and program development.

They don’t just talk trash, though… they roll up their sleeves, diving into the nitty-gritty of the entire waste cycle. Their hands-on approach is matched only by their down-to-earth style, perfectly attuned to resonate with rural and remote areas. Let’s Talk Trash isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to practical expertise, community connection, and sustainable waste solutions.

"These women are serious garbage geeks – they really do enjoy getting their hands dirty in the pursuit of a better way to manage our waste. I love this about them."

Maura Walker


Why work with us:

Customised out-of-the-box solutions

You’re a unique region or company with needs all of your own – and it may not match the rule book or what’s happening in the “big city”. We understand remote regions and specialize in creating practical, well-rounded solutions that are made just for you.

Genuine, relatable personalities

We’re all about great communication! We love sparking conversations, educating, and  connecting with people. That’s how we get your community excited about waste initiatives!

A full team of talent and experience

Our close-knit team has a powerhouse toolkit, making it a breeze to offer service that’s efficient, flexible, and customised for your community or company. We’re well-connected, able to be in three places at once, and are always up for a challenge.


3 X Recycling BC Community Champions

established First ocean plastic depot in canada

REDIP $1 Million grant acquisition

award winner for Environmental Management and Sustainability

2 X presenter | Nova Scotia & Regional

Multiple presentations at annual conference

"The Let's Talk Trash Team is an incredible women-led organization. Their professionalism, work ethic and passion are a breath of fresh air."

Chloé Dubois

Ocean Legacy Foundation

More about us:

Abby McLennan, BSc

Leveraging her educational expertise in science, greenhouse gas reduction, and plastic pollution, Abby focuses on crafting solid waste planning strategies and developing community cleanup initiatives.

Resume available on request

Tai Uhlmann, MA

Tai, an accomplished and award-winning environmental consultant and filmmaker excels in leading waste studies, shaping facility design, and championing the development of circular economies.

Resume available on request


Ingalisa Burns, BA

Ingalisa is our specialist in education, outreach, and program development, bringing over 15 years of teaching expertise and a profound passion for harmonizing with our natural systems.

Resume available on request

"I have always known the Let’s Talk Trash Team to be knowledgeable, practical, and devoted to developing initiatives that better serve the communities they work with."

Will Burrows

Interchange Recycling

Ready for us to take the trash off your plate?