Waste Composition Studies

Rolling up our sleeves and donning our hazmat gear is one of the ways we like to engage with waste. From large scale to small scale, we enjoy digging into it all!

Our team has conducted multi-season and singular season composition studies for regional districts with up to 84 sorting categories as well as individual audits for businesses and organizations. Once we conclude our work, you’ll be left with a comprehensive report that can be used to direct future policy and planning.

Our approach

We aim to collaborate to customize sorting categories, data subset samples (ex. residential self-haul, curbside, ICI, etc.), seasonal fluctuations and any other details to help you glean the information you’re looking to target. The methodology we follow is based on waste composition study recommendations from the Canadian Council of Ministers for the Environment (CCME). Sorting categories can be in-depth and detailed or simplified to meet your preferences and budget.


Capturing the process to include visuals into the final report help to relay the process and actualize the numbers.





The report you’ll receive from our team will the following information:

  • multi-season studies annualized
  • the material composition of each of the major waste streams and sorting categorizes by weight
  • waste material and collection/disposal observations
  • recommendations for future diversion opportunities

Meet your goals

The information derived from these studies provides a baseline to assess the effectiveness of current programs and to potentially make recommendations to further increase diversion opportunities. These studies provide an estimate of the overall composition of the waste disposed to help illustrate current waste management practices, serving as a foundation to support diversion initiatives and providing data to inform policy development.


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